Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I stay at Atlas Life?

Atlas Life Spain works on a college calendar system, where students are committing to the entire length of the semester with the opportunity to stay for multiple semesters.  Initially you will apply for a 6 month student visa, with the ability to reapply if you would like to stay longer.  Ultimately, we want you to make whatever decision will leave you most prepared to take on the world!

Will I have roommates?

Yes!  For many students coming to Atlas Life, the goal will be to enter, or re-enter college.  Because of this, we want to replicate that similar experience of shared space.  The houses are large, so there is plenty of room and time for personal space whenever desired.  That being said, we encourage you to interact and engage with other students and staff as much as possible.  We really want to create a "family" like atmosphere at Atlas Life.

What is your policy on alcohol?

The minimum drinking age in Spain is 18.  If you are of legal age, responsible drinking is allowed outside of the Atlas Life house.  The European relationship with alcohol tends to be much different than Americans, where one or two glasses of wine or beer while eating tapas with friends is appropriate.  Drinking deemed excessive will be a topic of conversation with your coach as we encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Becoming drunk or belligerent is not tolerated at Atlas Life. 

Will I have my tech?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your cellphones and laptops to Atlas Life.  You will need your laptops for classes (yes, the house has wifi), and you will need your cellphones for communication with staff and students in the program, but also for communication with friends and family back home.  Be mindful of the difference in time zones!  We also encourage you to take pictures and post on social media.  This is an incredible experience.  We fully expect that you want to share information and pictures with those that you care about.  Also, managing tech use is always a great topic for discussions with your life coach.

Can my family visit?

Sure!  We expect you to fall in love with the Costa Del Sol and be proud of what you have accomplished while with us.  If it ever makes sense for your family to come to Spain for a visit, we encourage you to show them around our beautiful city and introduce them to all the amazing pieces of Spanish culture that you are connecting with and embracing!

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?

No.  Prior to arrival, you will take an online assessment of your Spanish knowledge which will help us enroll you in the proper level for class.  This could mean being conversationally fluent in Spanish to never speaking a word of Spanish before.  We have the options and flexibility to meet you where you are and support you as you become more comfortable using the Spanish language.  

Atlas Life students should have a strong desire to engage in the program, participate in the Spanish culture, work hard, and be open to trying new things.  You are expected to get out of bed in the morning, participate in your classes, join resume building activities, and take advantage of everything that this amazing opportunity has to offer. 

Atlas life is not a therapeutic program and would be inappropriate for those individuals needing that level of support.